May 31, 2010

What Option Do I Have??

The maids' permit is about to expire in a week.
We havent got replacement yet. (So selamba huh)
And now i'm having this pre-trauma of this incoming maid.
What if she runs away? What if she do bad things to my kids? What if she cant do housechores well? What if she's young? What if she's too demanding? What if she's not-so-hardworking-type-of-lady? What if..what if..???????
I dont want to keep the present one. Its like keeping a rebellious teenager at home. Always arguing and not listening to orders. One good thing bout her is that she never spank or yell to the kids or otherwise i'll ...i'll..i'll (speechless many possibility could happen to her)
But above all..what option do i have??? Eeeeerrrgggghhhh...!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. tak dapat nak bayangkan juga... tak pandai nak bagi pendapat sebab tak pernah alami keadaan mcm tu


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