December 2, 2009

Ninja Assassins

Had a good movie last nite wit hubby. Watched Ninja Assassins. Fastpace, intense fighting, ass kicking, blood spilling, slicing, dicing, super thrilled story. Storyline not complicated at all.Very straightforward. But all the action makes u wants to see more. But it is actually repetative act. U wont notice cos they're fighting in d dark all the time. But d blood really soaked man. All d way frm d minute it start till last. And Rain@Raizo..hmmm..delicious babe. Ups..hope my man dont read my blog. Harharhar. I think he's d main attraction instead of d action itself. Wont be d same if it was some other actor. All in all..GRRREAT movie n wont hesitate to go once or twice again. Heheeee :-)

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