December 4, 2009


Tetiba teringin plak nak cerita pasal bibik ku yg seorang itu. Because i got a VERY mix feeling when it comes to her. Really mix up. I dont know why but she always makes me confuse bout myself. I can be very mad at her and then i pity her for me being mad. Then there are times when i pity her but then i think deep bout it, bling: pity's gone.
I know that i shouldnt get mad for nothing but i guess i cant help it. My blood can really go upstairs with just a simple reason. Example : She didnt put things the way it should be put. Minor. But i cant control myself by exploding it to her. Dont know why. I know she's improving herself and i can see that. I'm not that bad, cruel, merciless employer (or am I denying myself). I dont know. Nowadays i notice that i cant stay home with her being around. Makes me suffocate. i really that desperate??? Is it her? Is it me?
In my own opinion, there are things that she done backdays that makes me feel the way that i feel now. I'm trying very hard to change myself. Be firm..yes but make it a friendly firm.
I dont want to put in public on what she did last time. X baek. Revealing her flaws definitely not my intention here. All i'm saying is me myself wants to be a much more better person towards her. Insyaallah. As Nabil would say: I torai!!! I must!! Promise yoa. Promise.

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